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Foxes and Rabbits
A Children's Book By Tawanda Marbury

Let's Promote Literacy!

About The Book


Amusing Animals From A to Z will provide children with the opportunity to become equipped with learning both alphabet and alphabet sounds in dual languages.

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Acerca del libro

Divertidos animales de la A a la Z brindará a los niños la oportunidad de equiparse para aprender tanto el alfabeto como los sonidos del alfabeto en dos idiomas.

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About The Author

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Tawanda Marbury, born Tawanda Miller, is the Author of Amusing Animals From A to Z. She is an educator, mother, and wife. Being a mother and educator vastly inspired her to write Amusing Animals From A to Z. Tawanda strongly believes that if we want our children to be lifelong learners, we must be life long learners as well!


Tawanda Marbury, nacida como Tawanda Miller, es la autora de Amusing Animals From A to Z. Es educadora, madre y esposa. Ser madre y educadora la inspiró enormemente a escribir Animales divertidos de la A a la Z. Tawanda cree firmemente que si queremos que nuestros hijos aprendan de por vida, ¡nosotros también debemos aprender de por vida!

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Great for Pre-k to 1st Grade Students

Spanish Text Included



Educational, Entertaining , and Amusing